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Here's up to date news from Free Reed about our great new project, due for release in June 2003 by our "small but mighty" label: get ready for another great Box-Set!!

Work is almost complete on "Swarb!" a 4-CD career-spanning set featuring the life & music of Dave Swarbrick, "Folk's Finest Fiddler" - in a similar jaw-dropping box-set format to our Fairport set, with 4 themed CDs, a whopping Book, the essential input of excerpts from Swarb’s career from 'Family Twig & Tree' maestro Pete Frame - oh, and the usual 'Free Reed Freebie' for early buyers.

Free Reed's Nigel Schofield has gained unparalleled access to Swarb's recorded and visual archives, and has now auditioned thousands of rare recordings and sifted through a mountain of scrapbooks, rare pictures and tall tales!

The set  features a wealth of rare, unreleased and unavailable tracks from his entire career, and the first 5,000 sold will contain the unique "Swarb's Merrie Melodies" - a Fiddle Case Tune-book, containing a selection of 25 of his very best arrangements and compositions, which has been researched and compiled by Swarb's Fairport mate and Jethro Tull veteran Maart Allcock - and Neil Wayne also promises a few other surprises, both on and IN the box!

Nigel Schofield has written a fine appreciation of Swarb, recently published in Scotland's Living Tradition magazine. Journalists and reviewers are welcome to quote from this article (please credit © Nigel Schofield when quoting from it, thanks).

The Swarb! Box-set comprises four themed CDs...

CD1: D IS FOR DUO - A history of the many duos in which Swarb has performed, with his work in the 60s with Martin Carthy, with Simon Nicol in the 80s, and recently with Alistair Hulett and (again). with Martin Carthy - plus live gems and magical studio pairings with the likes of Bert Lloyd, Louis Killen and Peter Bellamy.

CD2: C IS FOR COLLABORATION - From the Campbells and Beryl Marriott’s Ceilidh bands, through Fairport Convention, Whippersnapper, Eureka! and Band of Hope, here's an overview of Swarb's key & crucial role in every group of which he's been a member.

CD3: E IS FOR EXTRAS - Rarities abound in this CD of recordings! We unearthed so many that were just too good to miss, so here you’ll find live versions of songs which put familiar studio recordings in the shade: familiar songs performed in wholly new settings (an acoustic Sloth for example) and knock-out material screaming to be given the light of day!

- Quite simply, the history of Swarb’s career through landmark performances and watershed recordings. From his early days as a session player and contributor to The Radio Ballads, through the invention of folk rock to the blue mountains of Australia and Orchard, here is as much of the very best of Swarb's career as will fit on a 79-minute CD!

All in Free Reed's luxury big-box format containing:

  • a big 128+ page booklet!! With discography, Nigel Schofield biography, reminiscences, many interviews, and a Swarb & Friends rare picture archive
  • A fascinating series of Pete Frame's unique "Family Twigs" throughout the Book, recording aspects of Swarb's career to date
  • A free extra Gift - (probably a limited edition CD or Tune-book!) - (first 5000 sold only)
  • Full Atrax and Free Reed Revival Masters CD catalogues

It's Great Value - retail is just £44.99!!

"Swarb!" is scheduled for June 2003 release, and there's an advance Order Form on this page - we can now take on-line orders via our secure sales site.  We do not pay in any cheques or process any Credit Card Orders until your Swarb Set is ready to be sent!



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